Historical Images of the Middle Ridge Community :

The rich immigrant history of the Middle Ridge/Dutch Creek farming community is clearly evident in a roll call of family names: Arentz, Bina, Burbach, Cavadini, Clements, Hammes, Hansen, Hatz, Hundt, Kaiser, Korn, Leis, Loomis, Newburg, Ruedy, Schmitz, Simpson, Weber, Wuensch, Wolf. Joining the Germans from the Rhineland and Bavaria are the Czechs, Italians, Swiss, and Norwegians among others. Central to the social and religious activities of the surrounding community was and still remains St. Peter's Catholic Church. There are many citizens of Middle Ridge and Dutch Creek who hold great memories of sauerkraut suppers and church dinners along with learning the 3 R's at the feet of nuns at the nearby elementary school. The "white school" as it is known is now restored and occupies an honored place at the Middle Ridge History Park on Hwy. 33. Soon, the old gas station will join the Park. Viewers of this exhibit will see images which capture economic activities deeply rooted in farming. It is humbling to remember that these were times when the family farm was much more numerous than today. (Many thanks to Middle Ridge elders for historical resources in the creation of this virtual exhibit including Bill & Peggy Arentz, Luella Burbach Leis, Marcella Bina Hundt, Delores Hundt Althoff, Dan Cavadini and Diane Cavadini Masters). This virtual exhibit posted June 12, 2013.

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Historical Images of the Middle Ridge Community