Historical Images of Rockland : A Small Town Remembered

Like many towns in western Wisconsin, the small village of Rockland holds deep historical roots in the agricultural economy as well as the railroad. The Welsh Congregationalists also left their mark in the religious life of the community along with the Methodists. Several of the images are from the Gaylord and Erickson families, both of which respectively played important roles in the religious and commercial aspects of Rockland's development. Driving down Prospect Avenue today in Rockland, one sees that almost all of the buildings pictured in this historical collection of images are long since gone. The Rockland State Bank building is still there. Not to be overlooked is the old brick school house which now serves as a community center. At the main crossroads in Rockland today is a vibrant newcomer to the business community in the shape of "The Vault," a pub and restaurant which opened in 2011. Exhibit posted March 5, 2013.

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Historical Images of Rockland