Historical Images of Bangor III : Old Cars of Bangor

As with many other communities, Bangor experienced many changes, some of them unintended, with the arrival of the automobile in the early twentieth century. Already in 1915, there were over 100 companies in the United States manufacturing cars. The images included here span many years beginning in 1906. Of all the auto makers, it was Chevrolet and Ford which enjoyed the longest business presence in Bangor with Wegner's Sales and Service (1916-1972) and Wehrs Chevrolet, now in business for over seventy-six years since 1935. Making a brief appearance in Bangor beginning in 1906 was the REO, the forerunner of Oldsmobile. The Bangor and Area Historical Society is asking for help from any one who can name people and car models for the mystery photographs and other images in this collection. Date exhibit created: August 8, 2012.

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Historical Images of Bangor III