Historical Images of Bangor, Wisconsin I : The Hussa Brewery and Canning Factory

The Hussa Brewery and subsequent Canning Factory represent some of the most important businesses in the history of Bangor, Wisconsin. The pictures in this collection span the beer brewery which later became the canning and pickling factory after Prohibition. A native of Prague (Austria-Hungary), Joseph Hussa (1823-1892) came to Bangor from Watertown (WI) in 1854 to head the then fledging Bangor Brewery. Among the items are photographs of the brewery complex, office staff and brewery workers along with beer advertisements from the early twentieth century. After a massive demolition of the Brewery and Canning Factory complex during the summer of 2008, the only remaining architectural link to this part of Bangor's past is the brick office building at the end of Commercial Street. Date exhibit created: June 11, 2012.

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Historical Images of Bangor, Wisconsin I